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'Racist Rant' Lawyer's Office Gets Suspicious White Powder in Mail

Posted May 24, 2018 under Celebrity Justice

Aaron Schlossberg

Possible Poison Delivery to Office

… Cops Investigate

5/24/2018 4:25 PM PDT

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Aaron Schlossberg, the attorney whose threats against Spanish-speaking restaurant employees went viral … was the target of a suspicious white powder delivered to his office.

FDNY was called to his Madison Avenue law firm office where a spokesperson described the scene as a “hazardous materials” situation. The obvious fear is anthrax. At least one person was checked out on the scene, but no one’s been transported for medical care … according to Newsweek.

Schlossberg was reportedly not at the office when the envelope arrived. NYPD has taken over investigating the powder.

Peaceful protesters flocked to his apartment building last week, and blared Spanish language music while serving tacos and tequila shots.

Schlossberg eventually apologized, claiming he’s not racist and loves immigrants.

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