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'Evil Genius' FBI Agent Jerry Clark Denies Prostitute's Confession

Posted May 27, 2018 under Celebrity Justice

‘Evil Genius’ FBI Agent

Prostitute’s Shocking Confession

… Is Pretty Much B.S.

5/27/2018 1:00 AM PDT


The FBI elite agent who investigated the murder of Brian Wells — a case that inspired Netflix’s ‘Evil Genius‘ — isn’t buying the shocking twist at the end of the documentary … at least not most of it.

Dr. Jerry Clark — who’s heavily featured in the 4-part doc — tells TMZ … former prostitute Jessica Hoopsick‘s confession doesn’t mesh with loads of evidence and investigatory work he did for years, so he doesn’t believe she’s credible.

If you haven’t seen it, a big mystery of ‘Evil Genius’ is how much Wells knew about the bank heist that led to his death — Jessica claims he knew nothing and she helped set him up … but Jerry strongly refutes that and has some solid reasons.

Clark does agree with Jessica on one major component … and ‘Evil Genius’ fans are going to want to hear his take on Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong and Bill Rothstein, too.

They should also check out what the director of the documentary, Trey Borzillieri, told us about Floyd Stockton.

FYI — Clark spent 27 years in local and federal law enforcement, and retired from the FBI in 2011. He now teaches criminal justice at Gannon University.

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