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'Evil Genius' Director Trey Borzillieri Says Floyd Stockton Shouldn't Be Off the Hook

Posted May 26, 2018 under TV

‘Evil Genius’ Director

The Case Should Not Be Closed …

Especially for One Guy!!!

5/26/2018 1:00 PM PDT


Trey Borzillieri — one of the directors of Netflix’s hit documentary ‘Evil Genius‘ — believes investigators need to take another look at the notorious case … because the show exposed some major lies.

If you aren’t familiar … ‘Evil Genius’ is about a diabolical bank heist in 2003 that goes awry and leads to the murder of Brian Wells. Despite convictions of a few criminals related to the crime, Trey thinks total justice has still not been served … specifically to Floyd Stockton.

Trey tells us Stockton’s immunity in the case was based on him telling the truth, but the director believes that’s not the case … so his immunity should be void and he shouldn’t get a pass for his involvement.

Borzillieri also believes the shocking twist at the end of the doc — a confession from former prostitute Jessica Hoopsick — is totally legit … and answers one of the main mysteries of ‘Evil Genius.’

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