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Canelo Alvarez Praised By Ex-President of Mexico Vicente Fox, 'Best In the World'

Posted May 27, 2018 under Politics

Canelo Alvarez

Praised By Ex-President of Mexico

… ‘Best in the World’

5/27/2018 12:15 AM PDT


Tainted meat scandal be damned … the former President of Mexico Vicente Fox says when it comes to boxing, Canelo Alvarez is the best in the world!

Well, what he really said was, “El mejor del mundo” … yes, we’re bilingual. You’re welcome. 

FYI, Fox was the Mexican Prez from 2000 to 2006 … we didn’t know he was a boxing fan. 

Of course, the issue with Canelo … dude tested positive for PEDs and backed out of the May 5 Gennady Golovkin rematch.  

Alvarez blamed tainted Mexican beef for the positive test and insisted he never intentionally cheated. 

Seems Fox believes him. 

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